Northern New Hampshire Civil War Veterans

Berlin Civil War Vets 

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Andrews, Samuel A:  5th NH Company B. Enlisted Dec 4, 1861. Age 24. Private. Wounded at Antietam. Killed in a skirmish near Cold Harbor Virginia June 7,1864. Sargent. Some sources have him as a Milan resident.  Father Samuel M Andrews claimed pension benefits.

Bean Daniel C: 2nd NH Infantry Company A, 17th NH infantry, Company A,  1st NH Heavy Artillery company H..Private.  Service pension records have multiple regiments listed and dates.Pension Date: June 30, 1880. Pension to Widow Sarah C Bean 1917.

Bean, Samuel L:  1st NH Infantry Company H. Private. Spouse: Sara J Swan.  Pension Records show: Died April 2, 1882. Minor Florence Bean (of Maine) claimed benefits in 1898. Widow (also of Maine) claimed benefits July 25, 1917.

Bean, Chester L: 1st NH Heavy Artillery Company H. Enlisted August 30, 1864 age25. Private. Born 03/03/ 1839. Mustered out June 15, 1865 in Washington DC. Parents: Lowell and Sophia Bean. First Wife: Nellie (1846-1878). Second Wife: Finella Mason Bean (1848-1927). Finella's brother was H.V.Mason (see below). Daughter: Elora A Bean (1876-1876)  Son George D (1875?  .  Occupation lumbering/millman.  1880 Berlin census shows him as 42 year old Riverdriver. His obituary reads "He was on guard duty the night President Lincoln was shot." Filed for Pension Oct 28, 1879. Died 03/01/1927, Milan NH. Buried Old Berlin Cemetery. (see headstone  picture and obituary in photo album)

Blake, George B: 1st NH Heavy Artillery Company H, Private. Enlisted 08/30/1864. Mustered out 06/15/1865 in Washington DC.  DOB about 1839.

Blodgett, Daniel W: 5th NH  Infantry, Company B, Private. Enlisted Dec 7, 1861 age 21. Born 1840. Badly wounded in the neck. Received a disability discharge Nov 1862 in NY. Filed for Pension Feb 17, 1869.  Listed in the Berlin 1870 census: with Marguarel Burtle, (born in Canada) wife age 26.  Daughter Elizabeth age 5, Son Edward J age 2. Both born in NH. Came to a terrible end in July 1872 by being burned to death in the Berlin depot which was destroyed by fire.

Brown, Portus U: 5th NH  Infantry, Company B, Private. Enlisted as a Private, 09/09/1861 at age 18.  Mustered out as a Sargent 06/28/1865 at Alexandria, VA.   DOB about 1843. Applied for Pension Feb 24, 1891 in Michigan. Some resources have him listed as a Colebrook Resident.

Burns, Robert:  11th NH Infantry, Private.

Cates, George E: 5th NH Infantry, Company H. Muster in Oct 231861, age 19 as a Private. Promoted Oct 24, 1864 to Corporal. Promoted Full Sargent Apr 6, 1865. Promoted Full 2nd Lieutenant (Company D) on May 1, 1865.  Muster out  Jun 28, 1865, Company H, Alexandria Virginia.

Cates, Scribner: 5th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry. Parents: Daniel Cates and Sarah Cole. Appeared on the census of 26 June 1860 at Berlin, Coos, NH, USA; Age 20 Farm Laborer. Enlistment Date: 14 October 1861 .    Enlisted as a Private on 14 October 1861 at the age of 21 Enlisted in Company H, 5th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire on 19 October 1861. Promoted to Full Corporal on 07 March 1863. One source lists him as having been a Sergeant. Demoted to Full Private on 16 April 1863 (Reduced to ranks) Reenlisted in Company H, 5th Infantry Regiment New Hampshire on 01 January 1864. Wounded on 17 June 1864 at Petersburg, VA Killed 06 April 1865 in Sailor's Creek, VA. Some resources have him listed as a Gorham Resident at one time.

Cates, Sewall: 13th Maine Regiment Company H. Parents Andrew Cates Jr and Frances (Fanny) McKenney. Born around 1843  Siblings include William H, Phillip F, Sarah A, Herbert F and Joseph. Muster in December 12, 1861 at age 21 as a Private. Died June 27, 1862 at Ship Island, MS. Mother filed for Pension after his death.

Cookson, William aka Ellis, William: 1st NH Heavy Artillery, Company H. Private. Filed for Pension December 17, 1891. Wife Emma Ellis (Widow) filed for pension 1902.

Cornet, John aka Commett, John: 8th NH Infantry Company C and B. Private. Moved to Canada. Filed for Pension July 28, 1890.Widow Heloise filed for Pension 1905.

Donahue, Frank: 8th Maine Regiment, Co A. GAR member.   Buried in Calvary Cemetery, Berlin NH. Tomb stone reads "GAR" born 1844 died1925. (see headstone picture in photo gallery)

Duquette Francis H: 4th NH Infantry. Enlisted March 1865 age 38. Private. Substitute* on March 10th 1865. Deserted July 14th 1865 at Raleigh NC.

Dustin, Joseph: 14th NH Infantry. Private.  Muster in October 11, 1862. Age 24.  Enlisted in 17th Infantry, Company A December 8, 1862. Transferred to 2nd Infantry Company G April 16, 1863.  Muster out of 2nd Infantry, October 9, 1863.

Dustin, George  Private . Enlisted November 8, 1862, age 19 in 17th NH company G. .A second enlisted date  is also listed as December 18, 1862.(Most probably the second date is the mustered in date). Transferred to the 2nd Infantry Company A on April 16, 1863. Mustered out October 9, 1863. Enlisted a second time March 30, 1865 into 14th NH Infantry, Company U.. Discharged on May 6, 1865 at Gallop's Island, Boston Mass. 

Forbush, Frank aka Forbush, Thomas (Fourbush, Thomas): 1st NH Heavy Artillery, Company H.  Private. born 1845. Died 12/19/1916 age 71. Occupation Laborer. Filed for Pension 1903. Wife Minirva A Forbush filed for Widow's Pension February 19, 1917. Attorney was H. Bickford.

Gold, James: 11th NH Infantry, Private.

Green, Albert: 1st NH Heavy Artillery, Company H. Private. Brother of Charles S Green. Filed for Pension March 21, 1910. Wife Electa J Green filed for Widow's Pension January 8, 1915. 

Green, Charles Simeon:  1st NH Heavy Artillery, Company H. Age 18. Born June 25th, 1844 in "Dresser Place" Jericho, Berlin, NH. Married Rose Ellingwood of Auburn ME. Daughters Angie (born 1868) who married A.E. Rowell of Berlin and Zillah Green of Auburn. Brother was Albert Green. Died  June 1914, Lynn Haven, Bay Country, Florida.    See Obituary in the Photo Gallery.    

Green, Charles Volney (Aka Volney C. Green): 13th Maine Volunteer Infantry, Company H. Private. Born December 3 , 1841, Berlin Falls, NH. At enlistment, Maine records show he was "20, single, with light complexion, blue eyes, red hair and stood 5'5" tall".  Occupation was lumberman. Enlisted November 20, 1861. Born and resided in Berlin, NH.  Father:  Danial Green born December 19, 1808 in Shelburne, NH. Mother was Polly Wheeler, born April 1, 1812 in Gilead Maine. Brother to Sullivan Dexter Green.  Pvt Green died of disease June 10, 1864 in a U.S. Army Barracks Hospital in New Orleans, LA.  Internment Old Berlin Cemetery. (see headstone in photo album)**

Green, Francis 5th NH Infantry, Company B, Enlisted  as Private, December 7, 1861 age 25. (Born Jan 4, 1837) Mustered in January 4, 1862. Promoted to Full Corporal. Killed on December 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg, VA.  Father was Daniel Green (a founder of Berlin) brother of Sullivan and Charles Volney. (see headstone in photo gallery)**

Green, Sullivan Dexter: 24th Michigan Company F&S. Rank In: Private. Enlisted 08/13/1862. Muster Out in Detroit Michigan  June 30, 1865 as Quartermaster's sergeant.  Born 09/04/1832 Shelburne NH. Died 12/20/1889 at age 59 of Hepatitis. Occupation: Writer/Publisher, later a Miller. Wrote for Detroit Free Press and was publisher of a Temperance paper before the war. Attending Michigan University. Father was Daniel Green (a founder of Berlin) (Listed in Berlin 1880 census as living with Sullivan). Two brother's died in the war (Charles Volney and Francis). Brother  (listed in Berlin 1880 census as living with Sullivan) Wife was Catherine Carbary married January 11, 1866.   Had 2 sons and 1 daugher listed in 1880 census. The  24th  reached Washington in a season of great depression... after the battle of Antietam the regiment was attached to McClellan’s army and came a factor in the famous "Iron Brigade" participating among others in the historic battles of Fredericksburg, Fitzhugh Crossing, Mine Run, etc. Mr. Green was on duty some months in the adjutant-general's office, and, in June 1864, was appointed quartermaster's sergeant, and was in charge of wagon trains. While in the service he was a regular correspondent of the Detroit Free Press, and his letters were so acceptable that after the war he became a member of the local staff of that brilliant paper, with which he was connected for nearly eight years, winning laurels all the way. He was a Clerk at  Brigade Headquarters 03/06/1863 to June 1864.
1876-1886  listed in Town of Berlin as either clerk or selectmen. Many of his letters, drawings and newspaper reports are at the Bentley Historical Library at the Univ of Michigan. Wife applied for Widow's pension, date unclear.      He was wounded at Spotsylvania, May 12, 1864. The next day he wrote "I have fought eight battles in eight days, terrible engagements of musketry. Indeed this is the most horrible fight the world ever saw. This it the 9th day and they are fighting yet. God knows when it will end but it cannot last much longer I think. We shall whip them I believe but it is tough. I have seen it in all its horrible variations this time. Gettysburg is a skirmish compared with this fight." Buried Old City Cemetery, Berlin NH. (see headstone picture in Photo Gallery).

Green, Nelson A.: 13th Maine Infantry, Company H. Private. Enlisted 11/26/1861 at age 18.  Muster in 12/12/1861.Single, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair. Lumberman. 5'9 1/4" . Born and resided in Berlin NH. Parents were Hannah and Edmund Green. Died of disease at Ft Jackson, LA on 09/11/1862.

Harrington, Edward: 11th NH Infantry. Private.

Hill, Thomas: 11th NH Infantry. Private.

Jordan, Thomas: 14th NH Infantry. Company E. Private. 23 years old. Born Eden, VT. Enlisted 08/12/1862. Muster in 09/23/1862. Disability Discharge 08/07/1863 Concord NH. ***

Jordan, Harry W: 14th NH Infantry. Company E. Private. 25 years old. Enlisted 08/12/1862. Muster in 09/23/1862.  Muster Out 7/8/1865 Savanna,GA. Filed for pension June 9, 1880.***

Kilner (Klinner, Kliner) Anton: 14th NH. Private. 23 years old. Enlisted 01/21/1864. Born in Germany.

Levene, Fargenam: 8th NH Infantry, Company L

Mason, Hartwell V.: Unassinged and 14th NH Company E. Private. Voter in Berlin in 1857. Occupation: Millright. Protestant. Wife was Priscilla Coffin. Mother Mary Connor. Father Lorenzo Mason (who came to Berlin in 1850 and bought a Farm on the East side of the river opposite Pine Island.)  Sister was Finella Mason Bean, wife of Chester L Bean (see Above).  Filed for Pension 06/09/1882. Died 03/29/1895 age 65. Buried City Cemetery (Headstone paid for by government),  Berlin NH.  (see headstone picture in photo gallery.)

McIntire, George:  3Rd NH Infantry, Company C. Entered as Private. Enlisted 08/07/1861. Mustered in 08/23/1861. 20 years old. Promotions: Corporal 08/07/1832. Sergeant 07/03/1863. Re-enlisted 03/17/1864. He is listed as Absent Sick 09/15/1864 (estimated date of sickness, location not stated).   Born in New Brunswick.

O'Neil, Frank (Francis) aka Nelson Green: Not the same Nelson Green also listed 11th NH Infantry. Enlisted 01/21/1864. Sent to regiment 01/28/1864  Born St John, Brunswick. mother Catherine Green. Applied for pension July 29, 1867. Unable to decipher pension class but it is not Invalid, Widow or Minor.

Richards, John: 11th NH Infantry. Private.

Roberts, George:13th Maine. Private. Age 26.Berlin Resident. Transferred to 30th Maine Company H on 01/01/1865. Mustered out 08/20/1865 at Savannah GA.****

Roberts, John: 13th Maine. Private.John H. Roberts enlisted as a Private in Co. H, 13th Maine Infantry, on Oct. 24, 1861, for a 3 year enlistment.  At enlistment, he was 24, married, with light complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, a farmer and stood 5' 10" tall.  He was born  in Milan, NH.  His residence is given as Berlin as well as Bethel.  He reenlisted in the Veterans Volunteers (Co. H. 30th Maine Infantry) on Feb. 1, 1864.  He was transferred to Co. B 13th Battalino on Dec. 25, 1864.  He was mustered out and honorably discharged on Aug 20, 1865 at Savannah, GA****

Tuttle, Jesse: 17th NH Infantry, Company C. Regimental Band.  Private.   Born Spet 1822 in Weare NH In 1855 Mass Census for Harwich, Mass  shows occupation Fish Inspector.  Father Jesse Tuttle, Mother Dolly Gould.  .  Died  11/03/1907  Haverhill, Mass at age 85.  Enlisted 11/08/1862 at age 40 listed. Owned a farm on the Milan road in Berlin, NH. Mustered 12/18/1862. Transferred to 2nd NH infantry Company G on 04/18/1863. Mustered out 10/09/1863 Concord NH. 1881, 83, 84 he was town selectman of Berlin NH. Berlin Post Master 1889-1893. member of GAR and pictured in 1892 (see picture in GAR Section).  Wife was Pheobe who died 12/29/1903 in Bethel NH. Pension Filed Sept 15, 1896. He lived in Berlin NH until he became confined to his bed, one year prior to his death. At the battle of Gettysburg, he with other members of the band, assisted the ambulance corps on the fields.Internment Milan Village Cemetery.(see obituary in photo gallery)

Wheeler, Franklin: 14th NH Infantry, Company E & C. First Sergeant. First Lieutenant at discharge. Born 02/06/1832. Died 07/22/1888. Wife (B.A. Wheeler) applied for Widow's pension 08/14/1888. 1880 census lists him as a Machinest with a wife and 2 sons. Buried Old City Cemetery, Berlin NH. (see gravestone in photo gallery) 


 *During the war, those drafted could send another person in their place. This was a common practice. The substitute was paid a large some of money ($200-$300) and it was not uncommon for that person to just leave and go home.

** A note on burials. Towards the end of the war, it became more difficult to get bodies from battlegrounds to their home towns for burial.  Interment may not mean that the actual body was ever returned.

*** I suspect that Harry and Thomas Jordan were brothers.

**** I suspect that George and John Roberts might have been brothers. The 13th Maine Regiment ordered to Martinsburg, W. Va., and had duty there until December 25.  Veterans and Recruits consolidated to a Battalion and transferred to 30th Maine Infantry December 25, 1864.