Northern New Hampshire Civil War Veterans

About Me

This all started with a visit to Gettysburg in 2006 with my then 7 year old.  He seemed  very interested in the Civil War re-enactors during out visit. Once we arrived home I searched the internet and found the Fifth NH group and planned to attend an event of theirs. Before that could take place, we met the Third Maine Volunteer Infantry as they marched in the Fourth of July Parade in Gorham NH.

We've been members ever since that day and in Dec 2007 I became a member of the 15th Alabama group.  See the links page to check them both out.

 I decided in late 2007 to find some info on Berlin Vets to help with my re-enacting. It started with 6 names. This site is the result of my research. These are "my boys"
 and I am always looking for more information on them.

Update 2013:  I continue to research and to re-enact. This year I will be attending the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg.  My son is no longer active, but my daughter is with my on many events.